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About Me

Who am I ?

I am a bicultural Licensed Clinical Social Worker of Asian heritage with 20 years of experience, licensed in Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia. 

My experience was formed at Mental Health Clinic as well as at corporate setting (EAP). In addition, having lived in Asia, Middle East, Europe and Latin America in the past, the stress and opportunities accompany with cross-cultural transition and adjustment are close to my heart.


My specialties

My specialties include depression and anxiety/panic, trauma, relationship issues, grief and loss, life transition and management of stress/mental illness.

Embracing changes in life is always an adventure and precious growth opportunity; but it often involves transitional issues such as loss and grief, career change, identity loss, tension in family/friendship and elevated anxiety and stress. 

However, despite all the pain in life, I do believe that we grow through our life’s journey.

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My Approach

When choosing a therapist, you want to feel safe and comfortable as we address very personal issues. My approach is compassionate, collaborative, and goal-oriented. I will meet you wherever you are at the time you contact me. Questions and feedbacks are always welcome.

I listen to your stories, explore your hopes and obstacles, clarify what you want to see happen in your life, assist you to come up with possible approaches to your goals, and work together with you to regain control and find new perspective in life.

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Contact Me

Please click on "Contact" and fill out the form on the contact page.

I will respond to you by email shortly.  

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